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Department of Mechanical Engineering The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2004 and was affiliated with PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL). Read the Full Story
Department of Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering of UCE&T is the oldest DEPARTMENT, started in January, 1994. Read the Full Story
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Friday October 09 , 2015
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ASME BZU Chapter

Message from the Section Adviser ASME BZU Chapter

Dear Students,

It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for me to welcome you to this great seat of learning, this Institute is hallmark of dedication, determination and discipline.

I extend my best wishes to you. May your stay in this seat of learning motivate you to become progressive, hard working, noble and confident. I welcome you.
May God’s grace light your path !

Professor Asad Raza Gardazi
Section Advisor



Message from the President and Founder ASME BZU Chapter

On behalf of the entire ASME, I am pleased to introduce you to ASME BZU Chapter, and to offer my vision for ASME BZU Chapter.

Today, the call emanates from a world that has experienced an explosion of knowledge, but not a corresponding growth in understanding; a world that lacks trust in its leaders and faith in its institutions. It is a world that has developed wondrous technologies that link continents, but isolate humans, leaving many men and women weary and dispirited, feeling distant from moral purpose, uncertain about knowledge or the very worth of human endeavor.

We pursue this challenge because it is a worthy goal for any university, but particularly for BZU, a university uniquely suited to be a beacon of hope and light for all. I invite you to join us, as a prospective student.

Hafiz Mohammad Omer

University College of Engineering & Technology


he University College of Engineering & Technology excels in innovative teaching and research, in enveloping practical applications and approaches to problems and areas of study, and in preparing professionals and leaders who will have worldwide influence on technologies and societies.

The College of Engineering and Technology was established as a Constituent College of the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Its broad objective is to produce engineers at undergraduate level with bachelor’s degree in conventional fields of Civil, Building & Architectural, Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering to meet the engineering and technological manpower requirements of the province/country.

The College offers courses leading to the award of 4-Year engineering degree in Civil, Electrical, Building & Architectural, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. The College envisages to provide for teaching facilities to 1013 students at an annual intake of 243 students (in all disciplines of engineering) after the completion of the project. Due to certain spatial, financial and administrative constraints, the College started Civil Engineering Program in 1994. In 1997, Electrical Engineering Program was started. In 2004 three new disciplines namely Building & Architectural Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were started.

ASME International

American Society of Mechanical Engineers also known as ASME International was established in 1880 by a group of engineers with an intent of developing guidelines and standards of Mechanical Engineering. ASME''s Mission Statement is,

"To promote the arts and science of mechanical engineering and the allied sciences."

The Headquarters of ASME International is based in New York City. It is the largest Global Community of Mechanical Engineers. It is well known for its Codes and Standards in the field of mechanical engineering.

ASME has two types of members.

  • Students
  • Professionals

Currently, it has almost 1, 25,000 members around the world with 20,000 Student members in more than 150 countries and it has 463 Student Sections.


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